Ludum Dare 30

Some of the art assets I’ve done for CosyCave’s Ludum Dare #30 entry Otherworld.


The main character is a tribal shaman. I designed her imagining that her tribe worshiped some sort of Crow look alike divinity.



The lesser evil spirits’s design was inspired by piranhas. I added an ethereal tail to further enhance the fact that it’s a spirit.



The large evil shadow spirits are the bosses of the game. I didn’t want it to have any particular shape, instead looking like it’s made of shadow and eyes.



The background image used in the game. I wanted it to look like a dark ancient forest with an eerie feel to it, since it’s been corrupted by evil spirits.



I’ve made a system of modular trees that can be easily assembled to look like several different trees, but due to lack of time this was abandoned.

Some screenshots for the game :

Title screen for the game

Title screen for the game

ingame screenshot 1

ingame screenshot 1

ingame screenshot 2

ingame screenshot 2

Gameplay video:

Ludum Dare 30 “Otherworld” from wolfsbane on Vimeo.


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